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Parents Are Welcome To Stay Or Come Back Anytime. Petphoria is a Locked Facility. No Child Will Be Able To Leave Petphoria On Their Own Unless The Parent Has Spoken To The Owner Gina Ambriati A Head Of Time. 

(315) 214-4002 No Written Notes Will Be Accepted Unless Already Verified By Owner. Pick Up Will Only Be By The People Who Are On The Pick Up List And Must Show Proper ID Or We Will Absolutely Not Let The Child Go With You. Petphoria Will Not Accept, I Am Brother/ Sister / Cousin ETC. So Please Make Sure In Advance You Are On The List.

Safety Of Children And Staff Is Petphoria’s First Priority! Petphoria is honored to have been able to offer a safe space for children to our community throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some of the precautions we are taking:

  • Temperature taking as you enter 

  • Daily health screening

  • Mandatory mask wearing for all staff and patrons 

  • One mask will be provided for each child 

  • No sharing of materials between groups

  • Enhanced cleaning of each program space and materials

  • Children will maintain physical distance along with staff (2 meters apart) 

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided on each table. 

  • Petphoria will use these disinfectants

  • To wipe all tables and chairs after each program ends.

  • All tables are 6feet long and will be facing the same direction 

  • With a chair at the end of each table. 

  • Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner will be used in all areas throughout Petphoria 

  • Clorox Multi-Surface Cleaner + Bleach throughout café area. 

  • Countertops, refrigerator, tables and chairs

  • Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner

  • To sanitize all surfaces in our bathrooms

  • Petphoria is also equipment with one of the best air flirtation system. Which brings in fresh air from the outside and goes through a filtration to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens in the air. 

  • Will focus on hand washing 

  • We are placing two temporary hand washing station in the front & back locations of Petphoria for extra precaution so the children will wash their hands more frequently**

We will also continue to monitor guidelines as they evolve to make sure we are meeting and exceeding all requirements. Thank you for your patience as we learn more to keep our staff and space needs accordingly to keep us all in a safe environment while having fun. 


*Please take note.* If your child is signed up fora week class. We can place their mask in a baggy with their name on it to keep here or you may bring back with you. *50cents for each replacement mask*

Here are some activities that we’ll be offering!

Water bottles & a package snack will be also provided for free (bagged chips, granola bars)

Dogs with Dog Food Jar
1) Making Healthy Furry Friend Treats

We’ll be learning what human food is good to give to your furry friend and what food is dangerous, but we’ll also be making some to give them! ( 8 per class )

* Peanut butter coconut balls

* Banana and oat cookies

* Mango, pineapple and coconut pops

* + many more!

2) Lets Exercise With Some Furry Friends

We’ll be learning why it’s so important that your furry friend gets exercise, we’ll be exercising through agility course games like fetching, tunnel chase, and tag games! 

( Only 4 Per Class )

3) Step By Step In Bathing Your Furry Friend ( Only 3 Per Class )

We’ll be learning how to bathe your furry friend the right way, but also how to blow dry them and comb their fur!


4) Bright Smile

We’ll be learning the importance of brushing your furry friend’s teeth, but also showing how to brush them correctly and make their own homemade furry friend toothpaste to bring home! (6 Per Class )

Many Dogs
Cat and Food
5) Being A Responsible Furry Friend Pet Owner
  • To take this group you must have taken the other groups on bathing, teeth brushing, nutrition, and exercise classes first. 

  • We’ll go over why it is so important to be a responsible pet owner. We will play games and who gets the correct answer first will get a *Prize* 

  • We’ll also make coupon cards to take home with you. 

  • Examples

  • Help taking (pets name here) outside to play & go potty.

  • Help bathing & brushing (pets name here) teeth.

  • Help feeding ( pets name here).

  • Help walking ( pets name here).

  • Help making healthy treats 

  • Petphoria will supply each child with their own box of crayons and paper they can take home*


6) *Blow off Some Steam*

Children Can: 

  • Jump rope 

  • Play 4 squares 

  • Memory game 

  • Water balloon toss 

  • Dance to the Stop of music:  Each child has a chair they dance in front of. When the music stops. The last one standing is out. Then repeat until the last one sitting wins (Up to 6 Per Group) 

7) Relax With A Movie

Children will be able to watch a fun furry friend movie on a 50-inch flat screen t.v. They will enjoy their own bag of popcorn, a water bottle with some wrapped candy.

Lollipops, chocolate, etc. (parents if you do not wish to have your child to have candy, please let us know ahead of time. (Up to 7 Per Group) 

Children will be relaxing on their own cushion on top of mats 6ft apart, with a closed lid of hand sanitizer for each child.


8) Petphoria Read A Long Book Club

Sometimes kids have trouble reading and/or may feel embarrassed reading out loud in front of their peers. Here at Petphoria, our furry friends don’t judge. You’ll be allowed to read to your furry friends.  (Up to 6 Per Group)

If your child prefers to be solo. We are able to accommodate their needs.  *Please notify us ahead of time*

Dog & Cat Pals
 *Price List Special: All Prices Are Tax Free*   

After School Programs are 2 hours long

You May Choose Between Hours Of 

12pm-2pm / 2:15pm-4-15pm 

4:30pm- 6:30pm 

*Covid Specials Thru November 1st*
$14 Per Child
$65 Per Week
$126 For Two Children
$186 For Three Children
$244 For Four Children
$300 For Five Children
$345 For Six Children

Original Price
$14 For One
$130 For Two
$189For Three
$125 For Two
$179 For Three
$366 For Six

  • Contact Info (315) 214-4002 

  • Or text (315) 907-2771

  • Website

  • 709 Main Street Suite 10 North Syracuse, NY 13212 

  • ( Front Door Is In Back Of the Building )


Thank you, we are so excited to have fun

and meet all our  PL’s *Petphoria Learners*

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